Sustainable Garden Video Tour

Every year I look forward to the Sustainable Garden Tour.  Homeowners open up their yards for touring to see native plant landscaping, rain gardens, vegetable gardens, composting, beehives, ponds, rain barrels, and many other sustainable practices.  I’ve been wanting to be one of the homeowners on the tour and I finally got my chance in 2020.  Due to COVID 19, the tour was virtual this year and you can check out all the tours from this link

I’d like to show you a slideshow of photos I’ve taken in my yard which includes a lot native plants blooming and many of the wildlife the native plants attract.  My own yard is a little under 1/2 acre and it has been a labor of love for the time we have lived in our home.  Many parts of the yard was – and still is – covered with invasive plants which continues to be a  yearly challenge.

We work on a little section each year.  We have a ways to go until we are ‘finished’, but we can see the wildlife value increasing each year as we add more native plants.  The yard includes both sunny and shaded locations, a mini meadow, and a view overlooking a wetland.

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