If an artist came to your garden, what would you like them to be inspired by?

Flowers in bloom, with butterflies flitting from one flower to another?

The buzz of fat, fuzzy bumblebees, covered with yellow pollen dust?

Asclepias Landscape Design | Wildlife Friendly Landscaping

We're committed...

to creating beautiful, balanced yards that fit their Northern Virginia clients’ needs and desires and also serve as a healthy part of the local ecosystem. The residential yards and gardens we design help combat climate change and support pollinators, birds and other wildlife.

We are experts...

at creating spaces using native plants and ecologically sound practices. We offer a full range of services including consultation, landscape design and installation oversight.
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Growing Healthy, Abundant Yards

Transform your outdoor space into an entire living universe for native plants and insects. Then – amidst the bustle of life – rest, recharge, and commune with nature.
A garden that offers the right balance of safety and food can become an essential breeding grounds for butterflies and birds, or maybe just a nutritious stop-over on an arduous migration.
Karen Prante Naturalist and Lead Designer